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This site was a Japanese Costume Store.
We had shipped our products Worldwide from Japan.

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*** Notice of Final Store Closing ***

It might seem sudden, but we have decided that on October 31, 2015 (Japan Time) we will end all sales and permanently close our store.

At the beginning, there were very few stores that offered to sell Japanese costumes and GothLoli fashion items to overseas customers, so we received a warm welcome from many people overseas, and the name "Cosmates" quickly became famous, and instantly successful with fans from all over the world.

But, since 2009, Cosmates has been somewhat like an airplane that is gradually losing fuel.

Even if you have an excellent pilot and dedicated crews, it just isn't possible to keep flying forever in an airplane whose fuel has run dry.

But fortunately, Cosmates has been able to touch down and land safely on the ground.
Because we survived, we will be able to face other, greater challenges.

After some time to rest and recover, I want to start thinking ahead to prepare for a new challenge.
Someday there may be a time when Cosmates will once again soar through the sky with a new pilot and crews. If that day comes, we humbly ask that you support New Cosmates.

We are so thankful to everyone who has shopped with us and supported us along the way.
We are truly, deeply grateful that you have stayed with us all this time.

Cosmates Owner
Gigantes Limited Partnership President
Hiroshi Hashimoto

For more details, please read our blog.

*** Please don't misunderstand our company will go bankrupt. ***
*** We will keep our company after store closing. ***

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Good Bye, World!

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